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Our bankruptcy practice helps individuals who are overwhelmed by their debt to obtain relief through the discharge of most types of unsecured debt in Chapter 7 bankruptcy. Where such individuals do not qualify for Chapter 7 bankruptcy, they may file for Chapter 13 bankruptcy, which requires the individual to pay some or all their debts over a period of time.

The types of debt that can be permanently eliminated through Chapter 7 bankruptcy include credit cards, bank loans, back rent, medical bills, old utility bills, Pay-day loans, and government benefits overpayment. In addition to discharging these debts, bankruptcy can stop lawsuits to recover the debts, stop collection agency harassment and stop wage garnishments.

With the opportunity to make a fresh start after filing bankruptcy, we recommend to our clients a number of resources that will help manage their credit. It is possible to restore good credit in about two years and qualify for a mortgage after three years of filing for bankruptcy.

Filing for bankruptcy is an important decision that has financial and personal implications so our attorneys carefully analyze each client’s financial situation and advice on the type of bankruptcy filing that will best achieve the client’s objectives. 

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