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Personal Injury

Our firm vigorously represents victims of all manner of injuries and their loved ones to obtain the most compensation available to ameliorate the hardship caused by the injuries and sadly in some cases death. Our experience shows that many victims of injuries are not sure what to do and often suffer in silence. They may suspect that someone should be held accountable for the circumstances responsible for their injuries but they do not know who, how and where to seek redress. If you have been injured or your loved one has been injured or killed in an accident, no matter where and how the accident occurred, we offer free consultation to evaluate the circumstances of the accident and advise you on the your rights and how we can help you protect and enforce them, including the compensation that could be available to you.

It is not possible to describe all the circumstances in which injuries or death may occur, so we encourage injury victims and their loved ones to contact us for a free evaluation of your individual situation. We represent victims of the injuries broadly categorized under descriptive headings below.

Vehicle accidents: Car accidents; Truck and Tractor-trailer accidents; Public Transit accidents (bus and subway); Motorcycle accidents; Bicycle accidents; Pedestrian accidents; Aircraft accidents, Boat accidents

Premises accidents: Slip and fall accidents; Elevator/Escalator accidents; Unsafe building accidents; Sidewalk fall accidents

Construction accidents: Fall accidents; Machinery accidents; Electrocution accidents; Falling objects accidents; Crushing/caught between objects accidents; construction collapse accidents

Medical malpractice: Birth injuries; Failure to diagnose; Wrong diagnosis; Emergency Room errors; Surgical errors; Anesthesia errors; Pharmacy errors; Nursing Home neglect and abuse

Workers compensation: Injuries suffered at the workplace; Injuries in the course of work outside the workplace; Injuries arising from the type of tasks at work; Injuries from exposure to the environment at work

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